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Potsdam, N.Y.

Waddington is proud of its community, its heritage and the many features it has to extend to the tourists and visitors who visit us each year.  We welcome you to join us any time of the year!  For more information about what Waddington has to offer, continue to explore our website or feel free to contact us:

     Waddington Chamber of Commerce
                     P.O. Box 291
             Waddington, NY 13694






to Waddington, NY, directly on the U.S.-Canada border.  Situated along the crystal-blue waters of the majestic St. Lawrence River, Waddington is a favorite destination for sport fishing, boating, camping, family picnics and relaxation.  Coles Creek State Park offers great camping opportunities for the whole family!  Here the natural beauty of the North Country and the scenic St. Lawrence River is blended with some of the most colorful sunsets in the world to provide breathtaking vistas for artists and photographers.
    Come & enjoy our beauty and hospitality!


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